Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No report on the rogue's gallery in the Human Resources dept of B. Barer & Sons would be complete without mention of E-- who at last notice was enjoying three hot and a cot courtesy of the Washington State Department of Corrections.

E-- had a speech impediment. Normally I wouldn't mention this except for the fact that when pressed he spit out the pebbles and became a Demothenese.

The love of his life was L-- and he idolized his son, Michael.

L-- had a friend in Pasco, forty five miles away, when she fought with E-- she would visit her friend. She would call E-- and inform him that she and the friend had only beer in the house and Michael was crying because he had not eaten all day.

E-- would race to Pasco only to find the doors locked and no response. He would rap on the front door and bang on the back door only to be confronted by a policeman summoned by L--.

The first time this happened I drove to Pasco and paid his fine in lieu of a long stay in jail on charges of harrasment.

After that, I told him that if he was dumb enough to bite on her scam again he could sit in jail.

The only problem was that after he had finished his term I rehired him.

He then used a derelict truck I used for transfering scrap around the scrapyard to drive to

Pasco for another confrontation with L--. A Highway Patrol flagged him down about the beat

up machine that violated every rule in the book. He was able to plead a dire emergency and get

away with it.

Eventually, I told him enough was enough. Hewas very vindictive about being sacked and

began a campaign of vandalism against me.

And L--. She became infatuated with Steve. At least once or twice a week around ten in the

evening the doorbell would ring. Steve would hide and a drunken L-- would demand to see

him. I would assure her that Steve had gone to sleep due to a very early morning appointment

and eventually she would leave.



Blogger steve said...

I returned from college in 1994 to find a large crew at B.Barer @ Sons.

The entire crew was a bit a wacky, but E was the wackiest of them all. Every day I would ask myself
"is this guy for real". He's living breathing Wylie Coyote.

When Mike and Debra first came to WW as a couple we stopped at S.H.'s place and he entertained them for well over and hour with humorous
E stories.

SH was just teasing me the other day. Apparently L became infautuated with me one day after I asked her weather a particular piece of scrap was yellow or red brass.

AS E would say

10:30 PM  

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