Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just to lighten up a bit, I was rereading some past posts and came across a comment by Burl about a counter clerk he hired who was married to one sister but having an affair with the other sister.

I never heard of him again. But it brought to mind another employee who worked for us for a short time.

He was from a family of several brothers, at least five worked for us at one time or another, all from the same father but separate mothers.

The old man would marry European women and have them travel to Walla Walla at their expense. After they delivered a child, he would get rid of them. I don't really know how. He would keep the kids as a handy source of welfare checks.

He had worked for us at various time but mainly hung around the saloons spending the monthly support vouchers.

The kid Burl inquired about was a clean cut fellow who spoke about continuing to Med school. This reminded me of this other clean cut kid mentioned above who in the course of moving a bale of steel dropped it on his foot loosing a toe.

Newly married he spent several months at home recuperating. Of course there was a pregnancy.

On the date the child was delivered a settlement check from L&I insurance arrived in the mail and our hero hobbled over to his attorney to file for divorce.

Speaking of clean cut employees. there was the truck driver we had hired who divulged that previously he had been a driver of a fuel truck used at the airport to service planes. On hearing that his fiancee living in another community had sent him a "Dear John" letter he gunned his truck onto the highway and began a topspeed mission to plead his case with her only to crash his fuel laden truck into a bridge abuttment about twenty miles out of Walla Walla.

Since he didn't burn up the bridge or kill a passerby his sentence was mostly probation.

After a series of incidents in my employ I won't recount, I "let him go".

He returned to college where he became editor of the school newspaper, student body president and was sent to a mideast country as a "student ambassador".

As far as I am concerned he was still a schm###.


Blogger Burl Barer said...

I remember the Davey Bros. who clocked in at 8am, walked out the back door...and kept on walking! They returned at 5pm to clock out. We didn't see them all day,except once in a while when they would throw batteries over the fence to a friend who would then try to resell them to us. It isn't easy finding good help!

2:28 AM  
Blogger Mike Barer said...

There was also "diamond Jim Nelly" was an expert at avoiding work.

6:36 PM  

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