Saturday, March 17, 2007

The distribution point in Spokane for Waitsburg Welding was Charles Black Co., a service station supply purveyor. They covered territories into Idaho, Western Montana, and Brittish Columbia so it might be possible even today to find venerable storage tanks made in the plant even to this day in any of these locations.

WWW tanks under Gil's supervision had earned the right to sport the Underwriter's label. This designation seen on many electrical appliances was very difficult to get because it implied a strict adherence to standards meant to minumize the risk to the insurers at the premises where they were employed.

The interesting thing about the U.L. program was that once you were on their good list you were turned over to their sales department whose only interest was how many U.L. Aproved labels they could sell you for the coming year.

At one time there was a demand for UL labeled home oil storage tanks in the Portland,Oregon, area. No one locally had thought to apply for this category so we would load Johnny Tocco up with a load a couple of times per year for that market.

Mainly our market was through our Spokane consignee so our green GMC with its long trailer trundled from Waitsburg to Spokane and back except occaisionally when our driver who turned out to be a roving romeo would spot someone of the opposite sex with equal desires in a bar along the way in which case the truck would be parked on the main drag of some village for several days.

Our painter, swamper, and general roustabout used a vacation to travel to his roots in rural Arkansas. On his return he showed off a new wife. He was about forty and perpetually dappled with remnants of the paints he sprayed on the tanks. She was about seventeen or eighteen still sporting a small amount of baby fat and wonderous of her new station in life.

A little insight into the personality of the driver. He brooked no dispute. It is small wonder that within a few months he had the roustabout's wife on his arm and she looked pretty world wise and sophisticated.


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