Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Everybody has their bucket of sand to carry.

I brought the mail to the office from the post office. Uncle Dave had just had laser surgery on his eye. For most of his life he almost no vision in one eye. His doctor started with that eye for repair.

Opening the Wall Street Journal he removed his glasses and began reading the stock market page using only the repaired eye. He was like a kid but sobered as he told me this story.

Mabel Morrison taught the English as a second language course at Sharpstein in 1921.
She also was my math teacher at Green Park school twenty some years later. She noticed the problems young David was having with reading and sent a note home with him suggesting he be taken to a professional for an eye test.

He translated the note into Yiddish for his mother. She was aghast! I wear glasses but I am an old lady. Do you want to look like an old lady? It isn't right for a boy your age to wear glasses. All the kids will call you an old lady.

He took his case to his father who made an appointment and the vision deficit was confirmed.

His dad could rattle his cage also. He gave this as an example. At the time B. Barer and Sons was very much into the business of buying animal skins. Coming home with a batch of furs he had purchased from a mountain trapper, he was quizzed as to what the bounty had cost. As dad carressed a beautiful silver fox skin, he began, that cost me $50.00. Fifty dollars? Nobody pays $50.00 for a fox. Even a beauty like this should top out at $35.00.

You don't understand Dad. Every buyer had looked at the skin and offered him various prices but his heart was set on getting the fifty dollars so I bought it at that price. Then he said here are the rest of my furs which I bought at a good margin. The fifteen dollar give away got me in the door. We will make a few hundred dollars on the rest.

David, nobody in his right mind pays $50.00 for a fox!!!!!


Blogger Mike Barer said...

In the old day, many kids thought be underachievers or idiot had problems that could just be corrected with eye glasses.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Alan L. Barer said...

This tale about the glasses stood me in good stead the only time Dan brought home a poor work slip from school. We imediately hustled him off for a sight test and his work imediatly improved. Then I remembered Steve was having reading problems so he was tested and found needing glasses

12:31 AM  
Blogger Alan L. Barer said...

Also I was grateful to my uncle who divulged how to open the bathroom door from the outside after a kid had locked himself in and in panic forgot how to unlock the door. He said he had found out when his oldest did it followed by the other two. I had four who got themselves in the same fix in the entry way bath.

12:38 AM  
Blogger steve said...

Thank you for rescuing us.

8:55 PM  

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