Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Uncle Nate finds his worth

Mother's brother Nate Mozorosky graduated law school before entering the army to serve in WWI. He beame an infantry officer and served in the war zone in France.

At the end of the war there was a recession and with thousands of young men being demobilized Uncle Nate found a job i n his profession impossible to secure. With the aid of his father, a long time employee, he was hired at Meier and Frank as a buyer at $2400.00 per year.

After proving his worth as a buyer and getting married, he was advanced to $3600.00 per year.

Each season he would travel to New York to buy for his departments. An outgoing and likable fellow he soon made many friends in the trade. More and more these friends chided him about being in a backwater location and probably working for a fraction of his worth.

A loyal employee with all of his ties to the Northwest he was reluctant to venture out.

Finally, he decided to challege his friends. He sent a letter to a contact in Los Angeles asking if there were any jobs available and if so what the pay might be.

By return mail came a firm offer from Broadway Department Store in downtown Los Angeles as a buyer at $10,000 per year- to start.

Uncle Nate worked for Broadway for several years and then started his own wholesale costume jewelry business, "Nathan Morey Creations".

Grandfather stayed with Meier and Frank and after several years he was honored at a banquet for long time employees. The following paycheck had a pinkslip attached informing him he no longer had a job.


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Hard to believe the average gardener earns more than Uncle Dave earned in a year.

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