Tuesday, March 07, 2006

One of ther rewards of my series of dcommercials was the number of people who came to the store from as much as one hundred miles away to tell me that they had known grandfather Barel.

In 1993 I was attending the century anniversery of Wa-Hi a lady approached me to tell me that grandfather B had lived in her mother's boarding house prior to going to Europe to pick up his family 72 years before. She remembered his great sense of humor.

A man came into B. Barer & Sons one day to relate this story.

I was walking across Main Street one day many years ago. I saw your Grandfather bend over to pick up a penny from the street. I said to him "Mr. Barer, you are a prosperous merchant why are you bending over to pick up a penny?" He replied that I would only have to know how hard he had worked to earn a penny during his lifetime to understand.


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Once again, great stuff.

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