Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here is a situation in wich I used one of grandfather Barer's stories.
I have asthma and have a reaction to second hand cigaret smoke. I also served many years on the state board of directors of tha American Lung Association of Washington.
A lady wrote in the Letters to the Editor department of the Walla Walla newspaper railing at those people who were taking away her freedom to smoke anywhere she chose.

I felt compelled to answer and used this story.

Grandfather's citizenship class had completed its work. The tests had been taken and passed. They appeared before a superior court judge to take the oath of allegiance. Having administered the oath, the judge gave them a lecture on American freedom and dismissed them

One new citizen ran out of the courthouse and punched the first person he saw in the nose. A policeman dragged the poor guy back to the same judge. The man said, "Judge you told us we were free citizens."

The judge replied. "Sir, your freedom ends where that guys nose begins."

The lady quit smoking and became an advocate against smoking.


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