Sunday, February 26, 2006

B. Barer & Sons commercial

Burl made doing commercials look so easy. When he left I decided to do my own. The first few were easy. This is my most successful one.

Grandfather Barel had asthma causing him sleepless nights. He often hitched up his wagon in the dark and headed out to the country to buy scrap metal. He was fortunate to have a wonderful horse named Bill.

With the motion of the wagon grandfather would often doze off. When Bill would arrive at a familiar lane he would stop and shake his head pulling on the reins waking Grandfather. This was repeated during the day. Grandfather contacted his customers and filled his wagon with scrap dozing in between stops.

I haven't been able to train my trucks to do this trick. So next time you come into town load up your truck with scrap metal and deliver it to-- B. Barer & Sons Fourth and Rose Walla Walla


Blogger steve said...

Hi Dad!

Now thats cruise control.

Many customers I talk to have fond memories of your radio adds.
4th and Rose Walla Walla

8:23 PM  

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