Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Fighter

Saw the movie THE FIGHTER last night. What a great experience!

While it features some rock- em sock- em fight scenes, it is mainly about the life experiences of Mickey Ward a former welterweight boxing champion.

One of nine siblings in an Irish American family with a dominating mother and a laid back father he struggles to find his own identity.

The performance was followed by a Q and A featuring the real Mickey and the film's director David O. Russell.

Asked about his perception of the actors playing his family members. His answer was"scary".

The announcer at his Las Vegas fight was Jim Lampley. That is the the original voice tape of the fight that is incorporated into the film version with Mark Wahlberg portraying Mickey. Lampley acknowledged it was one of the most memorable fights he called.

As Jean entered the theatre she said to the man ahead of her, "I hear Boston I am from Revere. Of course it was "Irish Mickey Ward the pride of Lowell, Mass." eleven miles down the road.

They had a brief conversation.