Sunday, August 08, 2010

Philip of Macedonia built an army he used to conquer city-states in Macedonia and make forays into neighboring Greece.

Alexander, his son saw the trained military machine as a weapon to conquer the world. With his mother's help he assumed command at the age of eighteen. His army stormed into Greece overrunning city after city including undefended Athens where he enlisted Aristotle as his mentor.

Sparta was suposed to have a world class army. Alexander humbled the Spartans like Grant took Richmond.

Wheeling across the Dardenelles Alexander was not above using other tactics. He approached one heavily defended city that his advisers said would take months to subdue.

He arranged a meet with the ruler who turned out to be the Queen. He brought lavish presents. There was a quiet dinner, a glass of wine.

In the morning Alexander walked out with keyes to the city gates.

His most famous exploit was the "Gordian Knot".
The ruler of this Country had willed that anyone who could undue a very complicated knot in a rope would be the new ruler.

Many wise and gifted men had examined the knot and given up.

Alexander viewed the knot for several minutes. He grabbed his sword and with one mighty slash severed the knot asnd procaimed himself ruler.

In the 1970's at BB&S we had a running question. The parts runner for a food processing plant arrived each working day to pick up steel and parts. The driver wore a thin white T shirt and had a short haircut with the characteristics of a male but the full lips and soft cheeks
were suggestive of a female. Voice pitch gave no clue.

Over the summer arguments went on. A he or a she?

As the food processing season waned and the driver would possibly laid off the question became more intense.

One day as I prepared an invoice for the day's pick-up, Uncle Dave could stand it no more. He strode up behind me and said. Don't forget to to have THE BOY sign the invoice.

I am a GIRL!

The problem was solved.