Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The picture is of a young David Barer taken in a rented location across the street from the more recent location developed by B. Barer.

The picture may have been taken for some sort of promotion probably in the 1920's.

The sign reading Eastern Hide was in line with the custom of the time to put a geographical place in the name. Others being Alaska Junk, Medford Bargain House, Chicago Junk (Yakima, Wa.) and Pacific Hide and Fur.

You might note the name "Barer" in the right hand corner. B. Barer had built a loyal following who were reluctant to deal with the formal sounding Eastern Hide and that name was soon abandoned..

B. Barer suffered from asthma and was away to more asthma friendly climes frequently causing David to drop out of school and manage the business at a very young age.

The rifle is real. As David drove through the deserts of Eastern Washington visiting trappers, he would often see coyotes along the way.

The pelt had a value and there was also a bounty for ridding the area of a predator.

The problem was that the coyote would stare curiously as the vehicle stopped and the marksman prepared the gun but as soon as a round was clicked into the chamber the wary beast was gone.


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