Sunday, March 20, 2011

I guess it is not profound to say that life is a continual learning experience.

Jean recently purchased a 2010 Hundai based on a recommendation from nephew Sam. Jean and I are both happy with the choice.

The car features the current shtick, a key less ignition.

There is a slot in the dash for the remote but if you have it in your pocket it will do its job.

Last night we were invited to dinner at the Jackalope, a very upscale restaurant in Indio. Our friend Herb generously offered to drive us there in his 2010 car.

At the end of the evening Herb and I went to the valet stand to reclaim his vehicle while the ladies hovered in the lea of a wall to avoid the cold desert evening wind.

We waited and waited as parades of cars went by. One of the valets noticed our situation and went to look for the car.

As he walked back toward us, Herb reached in his pocket and produced the remote. Apparently, as long as the engine is running the remote does not have to be in the car but to start it must be there.

The first valet not being able to start the car went on to the next one without bothering to tell us.

So, please remember if your car has a key less start the dash slot is there for a reason.

On the other hand I think it may be possible to lock the car with the remote still in there.



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