Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Grandfather Pacey

My mother's maiden name was Mozorosky. Her brother Nate became Nate Morey other relatives became Moziers (which has a kind of French ring to it).

Her mother's name was Ida or in Hebrew, Udell also my daughter's Hebrew name. Her father's name was Philip or Pesach. Dan, who incidently was born Seder evening, carries on his Hebrew name.

I didn't know my maternal grandmother. She died when I was an infant. She had been ill for many years but bore four children, two who were able to achieveve advanced degrees including an LLD and a PHD as children of a tailor of very modest means.

Tom Hanks may have used my grandfather as a model. I remember a large photo he had of the governor of Washington and the governor of Oregon cutting a ribbon at the dedication of the Portland-Vancouver Interstate Bridge. Visible between and just behind them is guess who. Also, the front page photo in the Portland papers following the landing in 1935 of two Russian pilots who had made a non stop flight from Siberia to Vancouver, Washington, showed a dapper man in an ice crean suit and a straw sailor hat talking to the visitors in Russian.

Grandfather once read about a man who discovered several thousnd dollars in a suitcase he bought at a post office auction auction. He took every opportunity to attend auctions.


Blogger Mike Barer said...

I'm suprised they didn't leave it a Mozeroski after Bill Mazeroski hit that game winning home run in the seventh game of the World Series to beat the Yankees. There was also a player named Ken Holzman who actully was Jewish. He suffered from everybody comparing him to Sandy Koufax.

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