Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There have been many cartoons and gags about the age of magazines in doctor's waiting rooms.

Recently Jean drove a friend to the new and beautiful waiting room at the emergency room at Eisenhower Hospital.

It is a far cry from the old one where you might sit for an indefinite time next to someone squirming with a bruised limb or coughing from an unknown malady.

For those familiar, I was shocked last year that upon entering I was ushered immediately into a triage room.

Jean had called me to explain she might be there for some time so I decided to sit with her.

On the low table was a copy of the magazine, Palm Springs Life.

Flipping through I glanced at the obligatory page of the movers and shakers at a charity costume gathering.

There dressed in western garb with toy six-guns at her sides was cousin Jan.

Knowing that Jan had moved from the valley a few years ago, I checked the date.

I don't remember the exact date. I thought of tearing out the page but opted not to deface the magazine.

Unbelievably, the magazine was over twenty years old.

I don't know if there is a Guinness category. Should I have occasion to be there again in a few years and the magazine is still there I might submit it.

My suspicion is that they have a supply in the basement and by then we will be into the 90's editions.


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