Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mike called a couple of days ago to report his concern about his nephew, Ethan.

Playing in the catcher position in a grade school baseball game, Ethan threw off his protective mask to field a throw as a base runner raced toward home plate. The errant toss missed his outstretched mitt and hit him dirctly in the head.

A quick run to the emergency room found him groggy but released as fit.

Mike asked me to report on an experience I had in high school football.

My father was not a football fan. My mother urged him to come to a game to support my efforts as a reserve guard on the Wa Hi Blue Devils team.

The assistant coach called my name and told me to "warm up". I did wind sprints up and down the sidelines for several minutes. I stopped. Looked to the coach. No sign. I continued my exercises.

Finally the nod came to enter the game. I raced to the point where the referee was placing the ball. It much further than it appeared from the sidelines and as I ran my asthma kicked in and I was in great fear I couldn't get there but I did.

We were in defense and I began chasing their runners across the field. As I closed in on one hapless ball carrier another tackler grabbed him. In my exuberance I flung myself to secure the tackle just as the whistle blew.

The young man had the wind knocked out and lay motionless on the ground as the opposing team coaches ran out to aid him.

The referee gave me a warning about late hits and an opposing player said, "You are next."

He was right. On the next play it seems that eleven young athletes of the opposing team attacked me. I was carried half conscious from the field. I still have a scar on my face.

My father ran out of the stadium vowing never watch me get mauled in a game again,


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