Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Reading about the resignations of a couple of president Obama's key appointments, I recall a conversation I was privy to several years ago.

I was visiting my aunt Edith and uncle Soby in Los Angeles during the New Year holiday.

Soby received a new year call from his brother. After the call was over Soby reported that his brother who had been an important member of the Eisenhower Administration but at the time was serving as a part time federal judge had had another judge come to his office.

The judge had a weighty problem. He had been nominated to the Supreme Court but the word out was that there would be a tough fight in the senate for his confirmation.

The brother informed the perplexed man that he should avoid putting the president on the spot.
A call to the White House explaining the situation asking them to draw up a letter of resignation which he would sign would be the decent thing to do.

He concluded to Soby- How could I tell the guy to his face that I didn't think he had the brains to be a Supreme Court justice?


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