Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Tiger?

Uncle David reported to me that the members of the two golf clubs to which he belonged had their noses out of joint because a young salesman who snubbed invitations to play socially would sign up for course tournaments and win.

This was in the early days of our marriage and Jeannie was president of Young Wives Club of the YWCA. I made my obligatory attendance at their annual banquet and found myself sitting next to this young man.

I queried as to whether he played golf. He responded that he hated golf. He went on to say that he carried clubs in his car. It seems that many of his customers were avid golfers and a few hours on the course could cement a business relationship.

He went on to say he could win by a stroke or lose by a stroke.

Then the rest of the story unfolded.

His father was a golf pro bent on training his son to be a winner on the professional golf tour.

This ran counter his ambition.

In college he entered the the National Junior Amateur Golf Tournament. He finished second.

He told his father that he did not want to continue in competitive golf.

If he couldn't win against a college kid, how would do against the big boys?

Who beat him?

Jack Nicklaus, six time winner of the Green Jacket and one of the greatest golfers of our time.


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