Friday, December 25, 2009

The Recession is Over

Recalling the wisdom of grandfather B. In the 1930's with recession rampant the U. S. government under Pres. Herbert Hoover decided to rein in spending thereby greasing the skid into The Great Depression.

In many communities with plants shut down and farmers unable to sell their produce people simply ran out of money.

On every block there was a mom and pop grocery and they kept was called a "tab". The customer could buy essentials and pay as a day job or a check from a more prosperous relative was available.

A customer came in to Chestnut Street Corner Grocery one day and payed his account in full.

A few weeks later the owner encountered him on the street. I haven't see you for a while he noted.

I have a good job now. I buy my groceries at the supermarket for cash.

But why did you desert me?

Oh! Do you sell for cash too?


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