Wednesday, July 30, 2008

December 1,1955 I started work full time in the family business.

My father told me this story.

The battalion commander at his headquarters just a few kilometers from the front lines in Europe in World War ll was baffled.

On his desk was a recommendation that Goldberg be awarded a Silver Star medal an award just one notch below the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Of the hundreds of men under his command he identified Goldberg immediately. He had been a screw-up from basic training on.

He summoned his driver and they sped off to the headquarters of the company commander who had forwarded the recommendation.

What is this about Goldberg he shouted!

The captain referred him to Sgt. O'Casey.

O'Casey said, "I know you are familiar with Goldberg as a sad sack but you have to hear my story. We were pinned down by a German machine gun platoon that was on high ground with a perfect field of fire. We would have all been killed.

I pride myself, in knowing how to motivate my men. Goldberg is Jewish

I called Goldberg over and told him see all those Nazis out there. Grab your rifle. Here is a bandoleer of ammunition.


He wiped out the whole damned platoon.

From that day on I was pretty much my own boss.


Blogger Danny Barer said...

I sent this one to my partners. It's excellent advice on employee motivation.

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