Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moe was a Holocaust survivor.

After being liberated from the concentration camp he made his way to the American sector and through help from relatives already here was able to come to America and make a life for himself.

On a visit to a supermarket he observed that the lottery prize had reached $100 million.

He bought a ticket.

He was the sole winner of the drawing! The hundred million was his.

He rented a banquet room and invited all of his friends and relatives to a celebration.

He ascended the podium. He was setting up a multi million dollar scholarship foundation for the children of those he cared for. Applause

He was setting up annuities for people who had helped him when he was in need. Applause

He was giving a million dollars to the United Jewish Appeal. Standing ovation

He was giving $50,000.00 to the Nazi Party. Stunned silence

He unbuttoned his sleeve and exhibited the concentration camp tattoo on his forearm.

Where do you think I got the winning number?


Blogger Mike Barer said...

I didn't see that one comming!

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