Friday, May 23, 2008

Many years ago I was visiting Los Angeles.

My Aunt Edith and Uncle Sobey lived at the La Brea Tower.

Uncle Sobey offered to take me to breakfast at the Farmers' Market not far away.

As we walked through the crowded lanes, Uncle Sobey exclaimed- Look, there is Teddy Kollek, the mayor of Jerusalem! I am going over and buy him a newapaper. We spoke briefly to one of the key people in the founding ofIsrael and Uncle Sobey insisted he be allowed to pay for the L. A. Times.

Teddy Kollek was instrumental in forging the close relationship with the U. S. and the CIA.

At the height of the cold war the FBI received an offer to tempting to pass. A Russian Colonel of Counterintelligence agreed to defect if supplied with an estate and certain funds.
The FBI is charged with domestic security the CIA has the rest of the world.

J. Edgar Hoover, was dedicated to weeding out Comunist spies and he wasn't having too much success on the home front. If he could cut in on the CIA's territory, he could get the type of publicity he loved.

The defection was arranged and the defector was hidden at a safe house near Washington. As money was placed in his account he began to sing.

Certain CIA agents were in fact turncoats working for the Russians. The information was supplied to the CIA who removed the compromised agents from their posts.

The uephoric FBI inquisitors wanted more names. He said show me a list of names and I will identify the traitors -- for a price.

The CIA was going nuts. They were losing many of their best operatives some of them from cover that had taken years to establish.

At a party Mr. Kollek pulled aside the local CIA rep. He told them that his MOSAD sources in Moscow informed him that the MKVD dirty tricks people were laughing their heads off and let something slip.

They had recruited a bright Soviet army lieutentent with acting ability, trained him over a period of time and given him the forged papers with the rank of Lt. Colonel in Counter Intelligence. He was then allowed to set up contacts with the FBI and arrange a "defection" to the U. S. He was creating more havoc than they had hoped for.

Based on Teddy Kollek's report the CIA took care of their situation with the sham "Colonel" and the CIA began a a partnership with the MOSAD enjoying their having sources in places the CIA did not.


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That's a terrific story.

It goes to prove one of my mantras: Never make business decisions out of spite.

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