Monday, October 18, 2010

Hi Tech Dental

Went to the Endodentist today for surgery.

While in the chair for an hour, I was thinking of my father.

In the days before dental equipment makers acknowledged that the heat from the drilling caused most of the pain and added a waterspray and asperator to the process tooth repair was an ordeal.

Adding a coolant alowed the dentist to use a high speed drill that helped both the dentist and the patient and eliminated the unsightly and unsanitary "spit bowl".

After one of my first trips to the office I asked Dad why the radio played so loud. He assured me that it was so
the waiting patients could not hear the guy in the chair screaming.

On a more serious note Dad told me about his memories of dental care in his boyhood. It was non existant. The only fallback he had for a toothache was topoke a hole in the ticking of his mattress and make a small wad of the cotton filling and place it in the cavity


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